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Blazing Saddles Learning Path was born out of our pure love and passion for people, animals and nature.

Blazing Saddles Learning Path is not only a place for children to experience unique learning sessions and summer camps but a place for people of all ages to learn new skills, experience profound joy and develop a deeper connection with Mother Earth & animals. 

Blazing Saddles Learning Path is dedicated to spreading the magic of this great Earth to all who are willing to listen! We teach this through our offerings and fostering deep connections between animals and people. 

Here at the Learning Path - you may learn anything from how to tack up a horse, clip a bunnies nails, or even the basics of gardening! The beauty of all of these teachings, as unconnected as they may seem, is that they lead us to ourselves and remind us of our connection to Earth and her gifts. 

Join us on the learning path - may you find us by following the hoof prints that lead to our sanctuary! 


Blazing Saddles Learning Path was created by the hands of a family who wanted to connect more deeply to each other, their community and to nature. 

Our program creators take their time to carefully curate programs that come from the years of wisdom and experience of farm life and animal rescue. 

All staff members stand with our mission and promise to live with intention, hold our visions and choose growth and expression everyday! 

Together we always try to listen to the voices of our ancestors and the great Mother Earth to help bring to life programs that are useful to the world. 

We realized that sometimes the greatest thing we can do is inspire connection between humans and nature/animals. So we do just that! 

Nature reminds us that there is no perfect - so do not strive for it! Animals see us for who we are - beings of love who deserve forgiveness. We can undo what we have been told to believe and move toward a day that brings peace, prosperity and freedom to all people. 


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Summer Camp Applications! 

We are accepting Summer Camp 2023 Applications starting in February 2023! Acceptance letter begin to be sent out in the beginning of April.

Spring Homeschoolers  Applications! 

We are accepting Spring Homeschooler 2023 Applications starting in February 2023! Acceptance letters will be sent via email in the begginning of March! 

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